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First world cup evend finished

Batu winner First pgawc world cup in Batu Indonesia is finished. There was 82 competitors from 14 countries on this event. It was very interesting competition, because we got winner barely in sixth round. There was also a lot of fans watching competition.

Before the final round the diference betwen leaders was only 5 cm, but they both afford  only 1 cm mistake in final round and the first winner this year become Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia (8 cm), second was Quiang Sheng Guang from China (13 cm) and third Franca Sead from Montenegro ( 45 cm). After third place there was 3 pilots from Indonesia with the same result. (75 cm).

In women competition was the best Milica Bicanin from Serbia, before Kurniawati Ifa from Indonesia and third Ye Lei from China.

The winning team was Yagababa from Slovenia before Garuda from Indonesia and third Kanja from Slovenia.

You can also find all results here >>>

The competition organisation was on realy high level and they set up a new standard for organisers. We congratulate all the pilots and also organisers!

The next World cup event will be in August in Trakoscan Croatia.

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PGAWC started with first event in Batu Indonesia. First day we did one training round and watched skills of Nepal’s acro pilots. To day ,due to good weather condition we did three round with 82 pilots from 14 countries.  Results will be every day updated and we will try to do it online if it is possible. Good organization for the more than 80 pilots will help to end competition with maximum rounds.

pgawc Batu

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Indonesia competition

We wont to announce you that competition in Indonesia will start soon. If there will be no tehnical problems you could watch competition live on internet (address will be published here), otherise the results will be published 5 minutes after round is finished.

We wish all competitors good weather and a lot of competition luck!

Official link to competition: http://www.pgawcindonesia.com

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Indonesia Flyer

Paragliding accuracy world cup Indonesia Flyer

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February news!

Hi all PGAWC pilots.

1. We have published new Notes & Guidelines for season 2010.

2. There is a change in first PGAWC competition location. We hope that the first competition will be in MALAYSIA, but now we've made change in calendar and the first competition will be in INDONESIA - Batu .
Please check your registration !


Team competition is the same, as last year. So, each competitor can compete only for one team in a season. Also team registration is possible before competition starts.

The only change is in this direction that some serious teams can get free advertisement place on a panel and PGAWC web site. They can achieve this by registering their team, preparing team or sponsor logo and to pay 240€ur to the PGAWC account. This ammount will deduct from their entry fees at the competitions.240€ur to the PGAWC account. This ammount will deduct from their entry fees at the competitions.

We wish you successful season 2010!

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2010 World Cup calendar (World Class)

Calendar for 2010 was confirmed:

CROATIA – Trakoscan 6 - 8 AVGUST
BIH – Bjelasnica 20 - 22 AVGUST
AUSTRIA – Stubaital 1 - 3 OCTOBER

On competitions you can register HERE (you have to be login first!).

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PGAWC Stubaital Austria

Wonderful place for Accuracy , very good weather conditions , maximum rounds in one day , again very exciting last round and finally excellent closing ceremony with rich prize giving. Thank you Monika for everything. See you next year in the same place. Unfortunately not enough pilots but the present pilots can not regret for this excellent weekend. The final event is in Bulgaria. Don’t miss it because it will be very excitable concerning results.


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PGAWC in Hungary

Again maximum number of rounds in HUNGARY  Hajdúszoboszló. Organization was excellent  in spite of first time in Accuracy organizing with towing. The weather was very nice but we didn’t get enough time to test one of the biggest water park in this area. There was some misunderstanding about rewards at the end of competition but this didn’t unmake expression  of  event. Last round was again very exciting  and some of pilots lost their good ranking position. The winners are on the picture. Congratulations. 

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Caraz - Peru

We would like to inform you, that from 21. to 23. of August will be the first FAI 2 cat. competition in Caraz - Peru in paragliding accuracy.
Everyone who has contacts with pilots in south America, please inform them!



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Ohrid Macedonia


All competitors, who want to compete at Paragliding Accuracy World Cup, are kindly request to make official registration by official web site. At last meeting in Croatia we decided that entry fee is possible to pay at registration due to high amount for bank transfer. That will be possible only at 31 July 2009 because we want to avoid scramble on first competition day. Organizer have possibility to give up to 10 wild cards for their competitors without paying entry fee but those competitors must be registered  by official web site too and that list must be presented to coordinator of PGAWC Matjaz Feraric or technical delegate  Uga Jondzic. The same situation is for PGAWC organization which have 3 wild cards.
Do not forget that we have only one week before competition in Macedonia.

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First competition for PGAWC

Very good organized first competition in Kuala Lumpur has finished without a valid day, because of bad weather. Organizer will organize PGAWC competition also next year.

Next competition will be in Ohrid - Macedonia . Please register here .

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Selction list for Kuala Lumpur

We would like to advise you that registration for MALAYSIA – Kuala Lumpur this year 2009 will not be through automatic registration on our web page. Selection list was already made .

You can find selection list here: http://www.pgawc.org/PGAWC_MAI__2009.html .

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New dates PGAWC 2009

30. April (4): MALAYSIA – Kuala Lumpur


1. Avgust (8): MACEDONIA – Ohrid


28. August (8):  TURKEY – Inönü/Eskisehir


19. September (9): HUNGARY – Hajdúszoboszló


25. September(9): AUSTRIA – Stubaital


4. October (10): BULGARIA – Pernik

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Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in Asagiri - Japan

DATE:1~3 NOV.,2008 (3,NOV.,Reserve day)

LOCATION: Inokashira Flight Area in Shizuoka-Pref. 35°22′23.39″N , 138°32′48.20″E

NEAREST CITY: Fujinomiya-city(100km west of Tokyo) in Shizuoka-Pref

NEAREST RR STATION: Shinfuji station ,JR Higashi-Nihon Rail Road(about 70 min. from Tokyo
station or about 90 min. from Nagoya station)
NEAREST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Narita, Haneda, Nagoya(Centrair)

ACCOMODATION:YMCA(@4,400yen with no meal. breakfast@700yen)
  Asagiri Lodge(Japanese style Pension @6,000yen with 2 meals)

NTRY FEE:10,000yen

ENTRY FEE covers:

   1) Transport from landing to Takeoff

   2) Reception Party on 1st day evening

   3) Souvenir


  1) Valid FAI Sporting License

  2) ParaPro4 or equivalent

  3) 3rd party Liability Insurance equivalent 100,000,000 yen

EQUIPMENT: Helmet, Rescue chute

CONTACT:Yoshiki OKA TEL:+81-90-4628-9021  email: international@falhawk.co.jp

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2008 Paragliding Accuracy Zagorje Open, PAWC & Pre-event for World Championships 2009

To all international Paragliding Accuracy Pilots and Judges We have the greatest pleasure in inviting you to attend the Croatia leg of the 2008 Paragliding Accuracy Zagorje Open, PAWC & Pre-event for World Championships 2009, to be held from 20th to 23rdJune at Regional Paragliding and Hang gliding Centre in Ravna gora, Trakošćan, Croatia.

Alongside the FAI Category 2 Paragliding Accuracy competition we will be hosting Judging Seminar. We are hoping for a good attendance from our international flying colleagues, both for the competition and for the Judging seminar (Contact: ivica.stefanec@gmail.com ).

For up-to-date information on the event and how to get there, please see our website at: http://www.let.hr/

If you require help on reaching us from a Zagreb airport, please email us with your flight date and arrival time on: zjakop@gmail.com or mario.habek1@vz.t-com.hr .
Our telephone number is: 0038598450941 or 00385912342340.

If You send ENTRY FORM to 14th of June on this mail address, discount for Entry fee will be 5 € !!!

We look forward to welcoming you to Croatia!

Documents for this competition are here (entry form and invitation)

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Malaysia FAI 2

 International Judges Seminar & Jugra International Selangor Open, Malaysia 1-4 May 2008

The Judges seminar took place during the Jugra International Selangor Open 2008.
22 judges attended theoretical part of the seminar before the competition and all of them took part also in practical part of the seminar during the competition. Number of judges gave us the opportunity to have two complete teams of judges. All of them were local Malaysian people.

43 pilots from 6 countries finished 5 rounds in 3 days of competition. At the end Mas Abuana Ilyas (231cm) from Indonesia took first place.

Congratulations to mr. Basir Rahman for exelent event he manage to organize with fully support of local authorities.

Results are here !

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Results from Krusevo

 1. Matjaž Ferarič (Slovenia) and Zoran Petrovic (Serbia) ( 5 cm)
3. Tone Svoljšak (Slovenia)


1. Reco Macedonia
2. Čuk Dravograd
3. Kanja Dolenjske Toplice

You can see all results in our results section HERE

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Krusevo 2008

 "Delta Club" - Prilep with Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia (VFM) organise FAI-Paragliding Accuracy World Cup from the 05th April 2008, until 6th April 2008 in Krusevo.

Event classification: Second Category Event
Disciplines / Task Styles: Paragliding Accuracy

For more informations about accomodations, local regulations, entry form, programs, officials click here:

2008 PGAWC - Krushevo

Goblets from last year:

Best women

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Calendar for tour 2008

Paragliding Accuracy World Cup – PGAWC 2008

5. April (4): MACEDONIA – Krushevo - Contact: Kiro Ginoski Tel : +389 75 41 51 37,

email: kiregino@mt.net.mk

21. June(6): CROATIA – Trakoscan – Contact: Zdravko Jakob – Tel: 00385 9845 0941 email: jakop@vip.hr

29. August (8): TURKEY – Inönü/Eskisehir – Contact: Hakan Cici - Tel :00905052659256,

email : hakancici@hotmail.com

27. September (9): CZECH REPUBLIC – Beskydy mountains (near Ostrava) – Contact: Kamil Konečny – Tel: 00420 608 811 699 email: kamil.konecny@post.cz

4. October (10): SLOVENIA – Osven – Contact: Matjaz Feraric – Tel: 00386 41 423 724

email: matjaz.feraric@guest.arnes.si

1. November (11): JAPAN – ????? – Contact: Yoshiki Oka – Tel : ??????????

email: international@falhawk.co.jp

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End of season 2007

As you know the first Paragliding Accuracy World Cup is finished.There were 120 pilots from 13 countries.

The male winner for PGAWC 2007 is Jaka Gorenc Slovenia and female Jelena Kantoci from Croatia

If you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to ask Matjaz Feraric or Uga Jondzic.

Best regards

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Pernik 2007

Paragliding Accuracy World Cup – Pernik 2007

Pernik, Rasnik, Bulgaria
12th to 14th Octomber, 2007


More details abouth competition: http://www.paraglidingpernik.com/

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3. August: SERBIA & MONTENEGRO – Niška Banja


Official web site:
Coming soon
Official web site:

NAC Serbia

Web: www.vazduhoplovnisavezsrbije.org
  E-mail: office@vazduhoplovnisavezsrbije.org
City of NIš Web www.nis.org.yu
Competition Director
Jondzic Ugljesa
Bul.Nemanjica 9/40 Nis , Serbia
  Cell phone ++381 64 2092 481
  E-mail: uga@grunf.org.yu
Paragliding club GRUNF-President
Vladimir Jankovic
22 Decembar br. 50 Nis , Serbia
  Cell phone ++381 64 2499 200
  E-mail: jankoju@bankerinter.net
Registration Form pdf. file: Regform_PreEU_2007.pdf 55kb
  doc.file: Regform_PreEU_2007.doc 71Kb

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06th-07th-08th July 2007

Friday July the 06th

9:30 pratical lesson Judging Seminar and Accuracy WC*
10:00-16:00 Free Paragliding
18:00 theoric lesson Judging Seminar and Accuracy WC*
18:00 Kitchen Opened
21:00 Live Music
17:00-22:00 Pilots registration

Saturday July the 07th
7:30 Bar opened
8:00-9:00 Pilots registration
9:00-9:30 1° Shuttle
9:30 Start zone release
during the competition pratical lessons Judging Seminar and Accuracy WC*
11:00 2° Shuttle
19:00 Kitchen Opened
21:00 Live Music


Sunday July the 08th
7:30 Bar opened
9:00-9:30 1° Shuttle
10:00 Start zone release
11:30 2° Shuttle
15:00 Award precision landing
16:00 Live Music
18:00 Kitchen Opened

* Judging Seminar and Accuracy WC

A) The longer the practical session the better, but really trainee judges need to complete the equivalent of at least 2 practice rounds.
Usually we have 2 types of people who attend the seminar; pilots who are flying in the competition who want to know more about judging or the rules of a competition who attend the theory session and then do a little judging on the practise day but who then want to go and fly and people who are (hopefully) going to stay and judge for the whole competition so will get enough experience to become qualified at the first level

B) Everyone who attends the seminar will attend a certificate of attendance. Everyone who does some practical judging will get a log book and will be assessed depending on how much experience they get, and their ability and aptitude

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