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First PGAWC Europian event coming soon at Sauerland / Germany !

Expect a lot pilot and big fly event.

More info : http://www.flugschule-sauerland.de/pgawc-2014-en.html 

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1st PGAWC on THAILAND finished

1st PGAWC on THAILAND finished

First PGAWC event for 2014 finished succesfull . Thailand host 50 pilots from ten different countries with 13 female pilots and eleven teams.Very good organization in spite of difficult weather condition done maximum six rounds in two days. Most of pilots were from Asia but winners are from Europe Results you can find on RESULTS page. Next event  is in Germany , Europe in June.


Winners   JAKA GORENC  Slovenia     TAMARA KOSTIC Serbia

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First PGAWC Event in 2014

First PGAWC Event in 2014

After rain in navy base on Thailand , sun brought good weather and first three round completed. On beautifully venue , with good organization , competition will be continued tomorrow . Result are on results page after first day. Hope so that maximum round will be rich.

     1. Jirasak Viteetham Thailand                              BEST 4 NIKE

     2. Jovan Novak    Serbia                                         THAILAND FIRST

     3.  Jaka Gorenc    Slovenia                                    RAJAWALI

     4.  Ma Qiang     China

     5. Tamara Kostic  Serbia

    6.  Lis Andriana   Indonesia

    7.  Chantika Chaisanuk  Thailand

     8. Elisa Manueke  Indonesia

     9. Adul Singtuy  Thailand

   10. Mongkut Preecha

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Thailand 2014


Dear Pilots,

Competition in Thailand will be scored in the category for the World Cup only . Today, we definitely get a negative response from the FAI office about categorization this Competition. From administrative reasons, the results will not scored for World list. 

Thank you for understanding.


We wish you a good wind and even better results !



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Turkey PGAWC 2014

Organizers (name)
Event Director  : Abdullah YILDIZ
Event Manager : Tugcan ISTIM
Event Judge : Ozgür UYSAL
Chief Judge: Yasemin YILDIZ
Location : Sakarya / Serdivan
Coordinate: 40°46'23.6'' N - 30°20'00''  E

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Germany PGAWC 2014

Organizer:                 Papillon GmbH und Co KG

Event Director:          Boris Kiauka

Event Manager:        Frank Degenkolb

Event Judge:              Boris Kiauka

Chief Judge:


Location and Coordinate

Flugschule Papillon Winterberg - Elpe

In der Liemecke 3

59939 Elpe/Olsberg

N51°16'14.124" E8°26'26.808"

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Indonesia PGAWC 2014

Timbis is not only one of the most beautiful flying site in Indonesia, It also a special place for Indonesian,Asian and the world Paragliding Community. Here was where the first International Paragliding Event and the 1st Asian Beach games being held in 2008. In This place also where the record being broken in 2008 when  88 Pilots flying together , even more In 2009 when 99 Pilots flying together and 1 pilot brake the record for the longest flying time in 8 Hours.
However Timbis is in big trouble right now due to many tourism developments around the area and many private companies starting to build hotels and villas. Even now there is a barbwire fence is build right next to take off area and caused some problem to some pilot who are trying to take off or Landing at the Flying site.

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Calendar 2014

Here is calendar for season 2014:

- Thailand 1. - 4. May
- Germany 7. - 9. June
- Indonesia 25. - 28. September
- Turkey  24. - 26. October

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European events finished for 2013

Last two events in Europe were finished in Vrsac , Serbia and Tusnad Romania. More than 100 pilots took part from 13 different countries. Weather in Vrsac permitted only three rounds due to strong wind but in Tusnad was better and  pilots made five rounds. Now after 24th rounds you can see final ranking at results. In top ten , Europeans are the better but I hope after last round in Asia the ranking will be changed with more Asian pilots. See you in Malaysia on last PGAWC event and winning ceremony.

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Images from competitions

Montalegre - Portugal 


 Khaoyai - Thailand

 Montalegre Portugal


Khaoyai Thailand 

Painan - Indonesia

Painan - Indonesia

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First half of PGAWC 2013 season

Here we are, at the middle of the first half of PGAWC 2013 season, after two competitions in Asia and one in Europe.

Two competition organizers (Thailand and Portugal) got an opportunity to organize PGAWC leg for the first time and they have done a great job, both of them. Special compliments for Portuguese organizers, since they have taken a challenge and organize it in a part of Europe, where paragliding accuracy was not so popular, so far. Now, we all believe this will change, too.

The main characteristics off all three competitions:

Indonesia – Painan

What a great terrain for accuracy competition. Grassy field at a take off and everything pilots and a crowd would need: plenty of shadow, food and drink, … Landing area is on the beach, with very stable and equal conditions for all pilots, not to mention all other commodities. Accommodation at the local residence was a really unique experience and an absolutelly new approach at PGAWC. Probably, this real connection to a local people contributed to a big crowd of spectators at the landing site.

Thailand – Kao Yai

Pilots noticed some very demanding  flying conditions, so they need to take a whole competition even more serious. Dry soil at take off and landing, plus some thermal activities did not leave much space for pilot errors, what reflects also on the final results. Beside this, everything else was on the highest possible level and deserved a name of Princess Cup.

Portugal – Montalegre

An experienced paragliding competition organizer (mostly from XC competitions, including XC World Cup competitions), turned out as a great starting point for a PGAWC competition. At this fantastic flying site, accompanied with strong wind and thermal conditions, pilots needed also a little bit of luck for a top result. Great accommodations facilities and at the end: a final competition round, which started in Portugal and ended in Spain, brought something extra to the competition.

In a few days time, a second half of the PGAWC season started with competitions in Serbia, Romania and a little bit later in Malaysia.

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The world games 2013 CALI

Cali air gamesCali Columbia was the scene of The World Games from July 25 to August 4, 2013. The Opening Ceremony was held on July 25, which is the day Cali celebrates its 477th birthday. The organizers of the Games were dedicated to promoting the diversity of world sport and to bring about a significant change for the country, the region and cities. The slogan of The World Games is Fair Play to the Planet! The local organizing committee committed to paying special care of the environment. The city of Cali, often called the Sports Capital of the Americas, promises Fair Play to the Planet! during The World Games 2013.

Cali brings its considerable experience as the organizer and host of major sports events to the challenge of hosting The World Games 2013. Cali was the host of the National Games with over 6,000 athletes in 2008. The city hosted the Pan American Games as well as hundreds of large, international sporting events in the past. The most recent and important event, held in December, 2009, was the UCI Track Cycling World Cup. Cali possesses the infrastructure to host The World Games.

On this world games, for the first time also competed paragliders in discipline pragliding accuracy .

The winner was Matjaž Ferarič from SLO, second place belongs to Lednik Tomas CZE and third place belong to Luankiam Tanapat THA .

Official results are here: http://worldgames2013.sportresult.com/NH/en/300/Comp/Info/ResultList/AIM001106
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/airsports.fai?viewer_id=1659214869



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Upcoming events

In Sepember and October there will be 3 events:

Serbia (20. September): http://www.berkut.vrsac.com/

Romania (27. September):  http://extremesport.ro/tusnadpg/index.php?l=en

Malaysia (16. October): http://pupalupa.wix.com/pgawcborneo2013

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PGAWC Portugal

Wind team meet us one of the best fly site in Portugal with very good organize, result is maximum 6 rounds.

In the difficult conditions George Cotet won, second place was Goran Djurkovic  and very nice surprise third place was rookie Omar Marazmizal from Malaysia. Famous Femals pilots were ranked on top three: Milica Marinkovic, Andriana Lis and Tamara Kostic.  From domestics pilots the best three were: Joau Miguel Jones Ventura, Silvia de Oliveire Venture and Pavlo Miguel Baptista Ramos Tenera.

Next event will be in Serbia – Vrsac from 20th to 22 of September.

PGAWC Portugal

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Very hard conditions in Thailand, but four rounds completed before thunderstorm break competition. Near 80 competitors from 12 countries took part. Very good organization supported by local government showed nice opening ceremony and final rewarding. Winners are Johny Efendy from Indonesia followed by Ma Qiang from China and Nanang Sunaria from Indonesia. Three best female are from Thailand .Next event will be move to Portugal Europa.
Results are here  overall   female   teams     final overall   final teams

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Painan Indonesia

Very good competition in 1st event of PGAWC in Indonesia. 62 pilots from 10 different countries competed for title of best one. One official training round and 6 completed rounds produced the winner.

The winner was Goran Djurkovic from Serbia followed by Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia and big surprised from Thailand , young Tanapat Luangiam.They were very closed and last round decided about final ranking. Excellent organization supported by local authorities made big interest to local people and every day more than one thousand people watched competition.Next event in Thailand. Regards 

Results are here 

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PGAWC Portugal

For the first time Portugal will have a Paragliding Accuracy World Cup. The chosen location is Larouco - Montalegre with excellent flying spots. It allows take off to almost any directionin Portugal and Spain.

In case of stronger winds there are close alternatives.


May 24th (Friday) - Training and registration day
     17h to 19h30 and 21h to 23h - Local registration

May 25th (Saturday) - Main Competition day
     General briefing and mandatory safety briefing
     9h00 - Transport to flying site

May 26th (Sunday)
     Competition day if more rounds are necessary
     Trophy giving ceremony

On competition day, if weather conditions don't allow flying, there will be a cultural tour.

Local time is UTC+1

Competition website: http://pgawc2013.sam-cam.com/en/

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2 - 5 May 2013 at Khao Yai, Suphanburi, Thailand

2013 PGAWC (Thailand) will be held at Khao Yai, Suphanburi Province, Thailand. Approx 150 km. from Bangkok.
Contact person: Gp. Capt. Veerayuth Didyasarin  (President / Chairman National Air Sport Control) 
Date: 2 - 5 MAY 2013 (official practice day: 2 May 2013)
Location: Khao Yai, Suphanburi Province, Thailand
Quota Participants: 100 pilots

Please see shedule in word document here: Information_2013PGAWC_Thailand.docx

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First pgawc Indonesia

Jatarupa LogoRegarding the Calendar of Events for PGAWC in 2013, herewith we would like to inform you that the 1 st Paragliding Accuracy World Cup (PGAWC) in 2013 will be held in Painan City, West Sumatera, from 26 – 28 April 2013.

By having this letter, we respectfully invite you to join  and kindly to send your accuracy pilots to participate on this event, in order to get the highest level of achievement for Paragliding World Ranking in 2013.

Should you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us. We kindly look forward to hearing positive respond and participation from you.

Please see shedule for Painan Indonesia 2013.pdf

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PGAWC Super Finals

This years PGAWC Super Finals (AUT-Bach) are additional PGAWC competition and it has slightly different rules. Not regarding measurement or judging but in direction who can compete at this Super Finals.

A direct right to participate, belongs to the first 40 pilots from a total PGAWC 2012 season ranking, after a competition at Wasserkuppe, the rest (max 24) will join during qualification rounds at Super Finals.

What we are looking here is max. 64 pilots, who will start with a round number one. In round number two, 32 pilots will start. At round number three, 16 pilots, round four 8 pilots and in a final round only 4 top pilots. Of course, all results will count for prices.

For the first three pilots will be special prices from our sponsor TEAM FIVE: ORANGE ST, ORANGE CROSS and HARNESS

Here we are, still in a summer holidays season but also some weeks in front of German leg of PGAWC 2012 season.
Please, read carefully all information that organizer has prepared and be sure that you will register for the competition on time.

05th of Oktober: training-day for all participators
06th of Oktober: competition-day
07th of Oktober: alternative competition-day in case of bad weather conditions at

Especially for guests who will arrive by plane or train and will not have a car at their disposal, we strongly recommend to take accommodation directly at the Bach. In addition it is useful to look for an accommodation in due timebecause rooms are in great demand in season.

Accommodation located directly at the Bach
Hotel Post Bach – www.gasthofpost.org
Gasthaus Alpenblick - www.lechtal-tirol.at
Wanderhotel Grüner Baum – www.gruenerbaum.at

Haus Sonnenhof – www.haus-sonnenhof.at

Camping (7 km from Bach)
Camping-Rudi  www.lechtal-camping-rudi.at
...oder accommodations you can find at www.lechtal.at

How to reach competition site
If weather conditions make it possible, the competition will take place directly at the Jöchelspitze. So there will be no journey for these guests who will find accommodation directly at the Bach.

Bus connection from Reutte http://www.lechtal.at/service-anreise/busfahrplaene.html

Leisure facilities
Beside awesome possibilities for flying there are great other leisure time facilities like hiking, and biking around the Bach or having a great time in the Alps. Have a look at www.lechtal.at

Contact: www.airsport.at, Radomir Gabric, ratko@airsport.at

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PGAWC Germany 2012

Here we are, still in a summer holidays season but also some weeks in front of German leg of PGAWC 2012 season.
Please, read carefully all information that organizer has prepared and be sure that you will register for the competition on time.

28th of September: training-day for all participators
29th of September: competition-day
30th of September: alternative competition-day in case of bad weather conditions at

Especially for guests who will arrive by plane or train and will not have a car at their disposal, we strongly recommend to take accommodation directly at the Wasserkuppe. In addition it is useful to look for an accommodation in due time because rooms are in great demand in season.

Accommodation located directly at the Wasserkuppe
Hotel Peterchens Mondfahrt http://www.peterchens-mondfahrt.de/willkommen.html
Berghotel Deutscher Flieger http://www.deutscher-flieger.de/
Jugendbildungsstätte Wasserkuppe http://www.jugendbildungsstaette-wasserkuppe.de/

Accommodation facilities located near the Wasserkuppe
http://www.poppenhausen-wasserkuppe.de/unterkuenfte-gastonomie.html  http://www2.dtg.de/intours/UK/UKSuchenFrame.asp

Rhön Camping-Park  http://www.rhoen-camping-park.de/
Campingplatz Hochrhön http://www.rhoenline.de/camping-hochrhoen/

How to reach competition site
If weather conditions make it possible, the competition will take place directly at the Wasserkuppe. So there will be no journey for these guests who will find accommodation directly at the Wasserkuppe.

Otherwise the Wasserkuppe can be reached by car or by taxi. There is a bus station, too but the bus isn’t driving that often.

Leisure facilities
Beside awesome possibilities for flying there are great other leisure time facilities like hiking, and biking around the Wasserkuppe or having a great time at the Guckaisee. At the Deutsche Segelflugmuseum you can learn something about the history of gliding and especially the little ones like the coasting side.

If you want to have a look for more leisure time facilities:

Sophia Axmann   sophia@wasserkuupe.com
Eva Maria Schubert Eisner eva@wasserkuppe.com

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Canceled event in China for 2012

task stopedDear accuracy pilots & friends,
Despite all efforts involved in last couple of months, from Mr. Wei Zhang from Aero Aport Federation of China and Team PGAWC, due to unfortunate circumstances at the competition site, we have decided to cancel PGAWC event in China for 2012.

A main reason for this decision was a fatal free flying accident on this site and still going on investigation.
It was not an easy decision for all of us, since it is the first time we have ever cancelled a competition before it even started.
So, we have to focus to a next one: Wasserkuppe, Germany and finals a weekend after: Bach, Austria.

Details for both of them will be published soon.


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Monte Negro and Albanian PGAWC competition report

Albania open 2012This time, both competitions were in the Eastern part of Europe. The first one in town Budva, located on the Monte Negro`s coast and the second one, about 400kms Southern in Vlora, Albania. Both of them were held on the beach and with a help of laminar wind from the sea, very low results were expected.

BUDVA – Nice and sunny weather with a light wind from the sea side, has forced all pilots to concentrate and finish their landing precisely. Matjaz Feraric started with two DC scores, Rafael Kerin completed all four rounds with only 4cms and Matjaz Sluga hit 7cms after five rounds and 9cms after sixth. Those were really Slovenian two days, despite great results from Serbian, Indonesian and Bolgarian and Czech pilots. Every pad score with more than 4 cms meant that pilot losted a couple of places in general ranking.
Before the final (sixth) round started in the opposite order, top five pilots still had a chance to fight for a podium but every single centimeter counted. A total Final order started with a Winner Matjaz Sluga (5cms), followed by Jaka Gorenc (6cms) and Matjaz Feraric on the third place (7cms), while fourth Slovenian pilot Rafael Kerin shared a place with Indonesian Elisa Manueke (8cms each).
In female competition the best (and 18th in total) was Adriana Liz from Indonesia (18cms), followed by Marketa Tomaskova from Czech Republic (24cms) and Milica Marinkovic from Serbia (25cms).
In team competition Yagababa won in front of team Bolgaria and Best 4 Nike.
Organizer did a really good job taking a good care of more than 50 pilots from 11 countries. Good accommodation, good food and logistics, followed by a smooth competition did not come unnoticed. A lot of pilots expressed their opinion that Budva and skilled organizing team are capable of organizing PGAWC and even FAI cat.1 competition.

VLORA – Again, nice and sunny weather and when the sun came higher, also wind conditions at take off improved and allowed us to complete five competition rounds.
Rather interesting landing site would been even more demanding with a direct wind from the sea but we have experienced slightly side wind during the whole competition.
Again, great results and another set of records also at this competition. Matjaz Sluga completed four rounds with only 2cms and after a final fifth round, he got 4cms, which was only enough to share the first place with Bolgarian Tzvetan Tzolov. Third place was than reserved for Monte Negro pilot Dusan Simovic (5cms). In female competition, Milica Marinkovic (28cms) was too strong for Tamara Kostic (31cms), both Serbia and Marketa Tomaskova (152cms) from Czech Republic on the third.
At team competition nothing really new: Yagababa in front of Bolgaria and Czech Republic.
Organizer involved a lot of time and energy in a media coverage of a whole event, which were seen in live at internet tv all cometition days, including prize giving ceremony. That last part was something extra special and ended with imposing fireworks. 70 PGAWC competitors and another 50 competitors for Albania open was a rather big crowd to handle but organizer tried hard to do his best.

Photo gallery coming soon!

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Albania open

Event ID: 8015
Event classification: Second Category Event
Place: Vlore (Albania)
Date(s): 08 May to 13 May 2012
Website :http://www.albaniaopen.com

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First two pgawc events in year 2012

Punchak indonesiaAt the first competition in Indonesia (Punchak), 83 pilots from eleven different countries gathered together. Organizer did a really good job at preparation of take off and landing area which are bigger than last year but then weather decided not to cooperate. All competition days, wind was too strong and with occasional rain drops and there was no other choice than to cancel a competition, unfortunatelly.

After this, pilots have moved to Malaysia, a great resort close to Mt. Kinabalu mountain on Borneo island. Weather conditions there were more friendly and organizer was able to complete all six competition rounds, with 54 competitors, from 12 different countries.

After a first couple of rounds it was clear that final score will not be low on centimeters, since landing conditions were rather demanding. Tricky landing area with stronger wind and thermal activity had challenged pilots to show all their skills and experiences for every single competition round.
For quite some time, Indonesian pilots were struggling for the first win at the World Cup and this time they made it. Even better, they won first two positions for individual ranking. They really deserve it, since they were strong during the whole competition. It is true that before the start of a last competition round, a lot of positions were still not finally guaranteed but even this time, the best pilots have won, at the end. On the highest position on the poduim was Dede Nisbah, followed by Nanang Sunarya, Both Indonesia and on the third step was Tone Svoljsak from Slovenia. In Female competition won Adriana Lis from Indonesia, followed by Chiao Yu Chiang from Chinese Taipei and on the great third position was Ifa Kurniawati, also from Indonesia.
At the team competition, there were no big changes at the start of a season. Teams Yagababa, Garuda and Best 4 Nike were on the podium in a opposite ranking order. These teams were still a big step in fromnt of the other but as already mentioned, we are still at the start of a season and later we will know much more.  
Malaysian competition organizer did a really great job, on the flying area and outside. Logistics and accommodation at a nice hotel and a great welcome meal and closing ceremony dinner including excellent prices for competitors, pleased everybody and for sure, they will come back to fly, compete and enjoy in a good crowd.

More images in our image gallery here.

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Organizer                : NAC MONTENEGRO
Executive Organizer  : NAC Montenegro Paragliding commitee
Sanctioned by          : Federal Aeronatique Internationale
Date                        : 05. May, 2012

Location : Brajici, Budva, Montenegro

Web page: http://www.montenegroparagliding.com/

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The competition will continue a weekend after in Indonesia.
All informations regarding:
- A Programme,
- Rules,
- Prizes and fees,
- Transportation and accommodation,
- Registration to the competition,
- A trip to Mt. Kinabalu,
- A Registration form

Can be found on organizer´s web site  http://pgawc.paraglidingmalaysia.com/

Event Director
Lt. Col (R) Basir Rahman

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The first series of PGAWC in 2012 will be held in Indonesia. Therefore, we would like to give some short information regarding this competition, as below:

Competition Event

PGAWC Indonesia 2012, will be like this:
Organizer : DKI Jakarta
Member : Gendon (Chief), Wahyu, Tony Yuda, Rivan, Elzar, dan Wim Salim
Date : March 9-11, 2012 (Official Practice Day: March 9, 2012)
Location : Gunung Mas, Puncak, West Java
Take Off : 1300 ASL
Landing : 1000 ASL
Distance  : 1,2 km
Accomodation : Wisma Arga Mulya (hostel near from Landing Area)
Registration : EUR 150, including:
•        Accomodation*
•        Meals (breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)*
•        Local Transportation (Take Off - Landing)*
*during competition days

Prizes : Overall Category:
•        Rank 1st: Eur 1,000.00
•        Rank 2nd: Eur    750.00
•        Rank 3rd: Eur    500.00

Women Category:
•        Rank 1st : Trophy
•        Rank 2nd : Trophy
•        Rank 3rd : Trophy

Details : Will be available on www.pgawcindonesia.com (soon)

Thank you
Ragards, DKI Jakarta, Mr. Gendon Soebandono, Chief

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Competition schedule

Dear PGAWC pilots and friends,
This year it took us much more time to prepare a competition schedule for PGAWC season 2012 and this is also the reason for publishing it a little bit latter. Sorry.
What we can say is, we are glad that a higher number of competition organizers has applied and for this year we tried even harder to join two competitions: one weekend after another in order to make it easier for pilots, regarding travel planning.
Here is a competition schedule:
09-11.March                         Indonesia
15-19.March                         Malaysia
05.-06.May                            Monte Negro
08.-13.May                            Albania
01.-02.September               China
28.-30.September               Germany
And superfinals
06.-07.October                     Austria
Some small changes still can happen but in next couple of weeks we will prepare more detaied information about organizers, competition sites, accommodation & transportation informations and of course, a possibility to register for a competition.

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An invitation for all competition organizers

Some weeks ago 2011 season has ended and we already done some preparation work for a next 2012 season. One of the earliest steps is also a preparation of competition schedule and for a new season.

Some of you are already familiar with everything written bellow but please, when you have some questions; do not hesitate to write to an e-mail address bellow.

Looking forward to receive your offers and thank you very much in advance.

Entering criteria for organizers:
- potencial competition organizers for PGAWC 2012 season are asked to send an offer – proposal, latest till 30th October on e-mail matjaz.feraric@guest.arnes.si ,
-   an organizer, who applies for the first time, had to organize at least one FAI cat 2 competition with at least 20 competitors in the past.
- A coordinator will comunicate among organizers and prapare a list of organizers and a competition schedule for 2012 season. Selection of organizers will be based on following factors:
i. Allready Succesfully organized PGAWC or FAI 2 competition,
ii. First time organizer of PGAWC,
iii.   Applied allready for last year`s season or earlier,
iv.   Spreading and promotions of discipline also to new locations or countries,
v. To show the seriousness of an offer by paying on PGAWC account an amount of 1000 EUR (for organizers, Technical delegate, overal season prizes, …) ,
vi. To explain possibillities regarding accommodations, transport, what else can offer to competitors, how an organizer will take care about a general promotion of competition, promotion of discipline and media coverage of the whole event.

- After a confirmation of selection from PGAWC, organizer of WC competition has to register a competition to FAI till 15th of December that this competitions appear on FAI comp. calendar at the very beginning of next year.
- Competition have to follow FAI rules,
- One practice day and at least two competition days have to be forseen for a competition,
- pilot`s registration have to be proceed via internet on www.pgawc.org,
- only pilots with valid FAI sporting licence can attend PGAWC competition,
- organizer have to ensure price money in a sum of 1.000 Eur and trophies for individuals, female pilots and teams
- pilot entry fee for one competition is 50 EUR,
- organizer provides lunch and competition transportation for pilots and accommodation for technical delegate and one foreigner competition judge,
- organizer have to provide competition results and photo material to technical delegate for internet site. 

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With a competition on a last sunny weekend, we succesfuly completed another PGAWC season. It started in February in Trakai –Lithuania, continued in March with Neustift in Stubai Walley – Austria and weekend later in Vrsac- Serbia. Followed by two Asian competitions: in June at Puncak –Indonesia and weekend later at Ranau –Malaysia and completed with finals in Wasserkuppe –Germany.

PGAWC overall 2011 winnersSpeaking about 2011 season in numbers: we hosted 236 pilots, from 76 different countries, competing in 58 teams and completed 26 competition rounds. Record breaking number of pilots at the competition was 104 pilots in Serbia. We are happy to write that on a total ranking, 29 female pilots can be found. Beside this, a lot of pad scores and big progress in team competitions, as a sign of a higher number of skilled pilots, would also be a good news of this season.

Despite the hard times in general, accuracy landing population is growing persistently: we have new pilots from old and new accuracy countries, new competition host countries (not only of World Cup but also in accuracy FAI2 competitions in general), bigger interest of media and wider interests from sponsors, as well.
Local TV and press did a good coverage of events and we have seen some articles in magazines like Thermik, Japanesse Paraworld, English Skywings, … and we attracted much more attention on World paragliding forum, and of course pgawc web page, not to mentione Youtube or Vimeo.

From a competition side, Europe is still in the lead but Asia is comming closer, very fast. When we check a list of FAI supported competitions in Asia: a lot of National Championships, Asian and Beach Championship and of course, World Cup competitions.
Competition organizers did a great job trying to make them interesting also beside competition itself. A lot of different shows, cultural events, barbeque parties, movie presentations, fun competitions, a lot of support regarding accommodation&transportation, a lot of practical prizes for pilots; by their possibilities, of course. All these things made competitions week very attractive to increasing number of pilots.

Very important part in all this goes to PGAWC sponsors: Airwave, Skywalk and Kimfly. With their contributions, we managed to cover a big part of general costs and also prizes for a final ceremony. In return, we tried hard to promote their presence in our sport, through the whole season on many different ways.

A promotion of paragliding, of accuracy landing, a promotion of competition sites and  competition organizers and of course promotion of our sponsors, will also be a main goal for a 2012 competition season. Beside this, we will work even harder on promotion in magazines and web pages and on offering a full support to new competition organizers.

An important goal for 2012 season is to organize again the most of competitions outside high summer season. In that case we will attract more pilots who will normaly go to holidays or XC flying. Beside this, we will do our best in order to attract even more equipment manufacturers and make this discipline even more interesting for competitors, spectators, competition organizers and of course: sponsors and here we are very open to your suggestions, as well. With a high quality competition level and without any dangerous situations or injuries during competitions, it will not be so hard to achieve.

For PGAWC team
Matjaz Feraric & Rafael Kerin

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The PGAWC competition report from Germany

The PGAWC competition report from GermanyDespite the fact that it was the first PGA competition in Germany it was very clear from the beginning: when Papillon organizes a competition, even weather can not go wrong. Everything, from transportation, registration, media coverage, the whole competition and final ceremony with a party was on a high level.
Both candidates for a title: Matjaz and Goran started well but competition six rounds seemed to be easily completed. After some rounds, Czech pilot Vaclavik and Gorenc from Slovenia were still without any mistake while a group of pilots waited for a worst score to be dropped, after the fifth round. Since the wind strenght dropped a little bit, scores were tighter and tighter but at the end we whitnessed results in the same manner: Gorenc Jaka won with 10cm, followed by Matjaz Feraric, 11cm and Radek Vaclavik with 12 cm.

Not far behind were British pilot Simmons, Bulgarian pilot Tzolov and Indonesian representative Danang. German pilots prepared a real surprise to all of us, specially Andreas Schubert, who would be very high in the ranking but he did one mistake too much. In female competition Hungarian Zsuzanna Toth won, while Indonesian Sirin Milawati and Barbora Smutna from Czech Republic, got to be pleased with a second and a third position.In team competition, we have seen a classic battle of three teams and this time, the most successfull were: Best 4 nike, Yagababa and Garuda.
For the final ranking after all six competitions, Slovenian pilot Matjaž Feraric has collected only 38 cms in 26 competition rounds. Second place won Slovenian Rafael Kerin with 64cms and the third Serbian Goran Djurkovic with 69 cm. Goran and Rafael have changed their position at the last competition.

For females, Sirin Milawati was on the highest position, accompanied by Dian Rosnalia and Lis Andriani. All three of them from Indonesia.In team competition the same teams, only a little bit mixed: Yagababa was the best for a second time in a row, second position for Garuda and third Best 4 Nike. A more detailed final 2011 season report and all updated informations for pgawc site, will be prepared in a week. In the meantime, you can enjoy in a gallery of pictures on pgawc web page: from Ms. Vesna Simmons and Ms. Anemari Kerin. Much more of them, you can also find on: http://www.haudichraus.de/thumbnails.php?album=394 . Some pictures you can also find on our site in photo gallery. 

Pictures are also on our site now in our Image Gallery.

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A great September weather

Finall A great September weather at Wasserkuppe was put in a good use, also as a perfect scenery for PGAWC finals, last Saturday, while flying school Papillon did a great work, organizing everything else.
Pilots from twelve different countries competing for a German leg and for a final PGAWC ranking, have finished all six rounds.

Check for some results, more detailed report with some pictures will follow…

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Paragliding Accuracy World Cup finals

Dear pilots and paragliding friends,
We wanted to remind you once again on a Paragliding Accuracy World Cup finals for 2011 season, as already seen in a previous post.

Competition details can be checked on organizer`s web site: http://www.flugcenter-wasserkuppe.de/pgawc-finale.html and Mrs. Sophia Axmann -  (mail: sophia@wasserkuppe.com ) will be very glad to provide you some additional informations regarding competition, accommodation, …
We have to mention also a FAI judging seminar which will be ogranized for Friday afternoon. It is free and all participants will gain FAI registration, theoretical and practical knowledge and will be able to judge FAI sunctioned competitions.
Competition registration can be done on www.pgawc.org or at sight.

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final competition for Paragliding Accuracy World Cup

After a break for a summer holidays, here we are, some weeks away from a final competition for Paragliding Accuracy World Cup. After Lithuania, Austria, Serbia, Indonesia and Malaysia, finals for a 2011 season will be organized in Germany, from 23.-25.29.2011, at Wasserkuppe area.

The best pilots after past five competitions and from recently finished World Championship in Czech Republic are expected and it will be probably the strongest competition of a year.

Friday, 23.09: training-day for all participators

Saturday, 24.09:
08.30am: briefing for all participators
09am: beginning of competition - participators will have the possibility to get some lunch at the landing area
08pm: barbecue at the Radom and as the case may be the award ceremony

Sunday, 25.09:
alternative competition-day in case of bad weather on Saturday

Here are some links for accommodation:

We would like to invite all interested pilots to register for a competition and arrange their accommodation on time.

PGAWC organizing team!

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Malaysian PGAWC competition report

Malaysian PGAWC competition A Malaysian leg of PGAWC was this year held in Sabah region of Borneo island in a town called Ranau . Place is located a little bit over 100 km Eastern from Kota Kinabalu, at the bottom of beautiful, 4.095m high Mt. Kinabalu. The most of pilots actually continued Asian part of competitions, joined by pilots from Qatar, China and Chinese Taipeh.

Malaysian organizer already had some experiences with PGAWC but this time, they used a place where nothing can go wrong and had more luck with a weather, as well. Despite some rain drops, we completed max.number of rounds, all six, thanks to good organized transportation and dedicated launch marshals.

Landing site is not so easy as it seems from a take off but there is a lot of place for a safe landing. When the sun appeared through the clouds, pilots experienced a lot of lift on the bottom but this was not a case for Slovenian Rafael Kerin and Chinese Guang Sheng, who were on the top from a very beginning.

A last -sixth round began in a opposite ranking order and among top ten there were only some slight changes of positions. Pre-last flight was for Guang Sheng and he scored 2cms, while last one was for Rafael, who once again confirmed his best position with a 0cm.

In a female competition, top four positions were kept by Indonesian pilots, where Rosnalia Dian, Sirin Milawati and Cherry Bonaria were the strongest.

In team competition, Yagababa won with incredible 76cm after all six rounds, with only 4 cms for a last round. They were followed by China 1 and Best 4 Nike.

Opening ceremony was held at the landing site, accompanied by a Minister of turism, while a closing ceremony with a dinner and some tourist presentations, not to mentione some local music and dancing, was organized at beautiful Mount Kinabalu Heritage resort hotel.

This competition will be also remembered by a big price money for individuals and teams, not to mentione a great hospitality and good organization and of course, an organized tour to Mt. Kinabalu the very next day.

More pictures in fotagallery here .

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An Indonesian PGAWC competition report

Indonesian PGAWCThe fourth PGAWC competition of a season was held in Indonesia, about 100km South East from a capitol Jakarta. Puncak is a special flying place, since take off and landing are both placed in the middle of tea plantation.

Like always, opening ceremony in Indonesia was something really special and organizer continued entertaining a crowd almost every evening.

A little less luck, they had with a strong tail wind at the take off, for a first competition day. This is also a reason why organizer has decided to take us to Cililin, which is about 80 km further to the East. That was a good move and in the morning term, very skilled organizer managed to complete two competition rounds, before a rain shower. Pilots were very pleased also with a transportation to the take off site, which was provided by local boys on motorcycles.

The second competition day started back in Puncak. First with a zero and later with a nice head wind at the take off. Other three rounds were completed very fast and without any complications and the worst score was dropped.

Since local Indonesian pilots proved their strong position on a home terrain, still some of European pilots infiltrated  to top 15 and in the last competition round, Feraric Matjaz from Slovenia climbed to the very top and won with a minimum advantage of 1cm, followed by Rajasa Darumaka and Nisbah Dede, both Indonesia.

In female competition, Bonaria Cherry from Indonesia was too strong for the rest of the girls, including second place Rosnalia Dian from Indonesia and third place Phuchong Nunnapat from Thailand.

More details about results you can check on: http://www.pgawc.org/ResultsPGAWC2011 and some pictures from Senica Slavko, Didit Majalolo and Rafael Kerin in the gallery.

Compliments to organizers also on all logistics, excellent organized and accomplished competition and for all interesting activities which fullfilled this competition, not to mention a closing ceremony which was really on a World Cup level.

More pictures in fotagallery here .

PGAWC organizing team

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Second part of Asian PGAWC tour

Lohan flying site in Malaysia was the fifth PGAWC competition site for a season 2011.

A very interesting landing site and a crowd of pilots from ten different countries plus an organizer who did his best to complete all six planned rounds, made this competition really interesting.

Some results can be seen on: http://www.pgawc.org/ResultsPGAWC2011

More detailed report with pictures will follow...

Lohan flying site in Malaysia

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First part of Asian PGAWC tour

At this year`s fourth PGAWC competition in Puncak - Indonesia, 84 competitors from 11 different countries were attending and completing all of planned five rounds.

During the whole competition, there was a battle between local Indonesians and European pilots. At this moment, you can check already prepared results on: http://www.pgawc.org/ResultsPGAWC2011 .

More detailed report with pictures will follow, soon >>

Puncak Indonesia paragliding

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Another two competitions for PGAW

Dear paragliding accuracy pilots and other paragliding friends,
The holidays season is comming and a little bit before, also two Paragliding Accuracy World Cup competitions in Malaysia and Indonesia at the first half of June.

Since we are talking also about very attractive holiday destinations, maybe you can join your holidays with flying in this area, as well.
All details can be found on both links:www.pgawc.paraglidingmalaysia.com  and www.pgawcindonesia.com

Just to remind you: registration for Malaysian competition will be closed on 20th May Indonesian 25th May.
So, everybody, who is interested in attending these two competitions, please, register directly on organizer`s sites.
PGAWC organizing team

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The official website for PGAWC SABAH 2011 is now on. Please visit www.pgawc.paraglidingmalaysia.com for the rules and online registration.

After 80 pilots confirmed, the online registration shall be closed but limited to 8 pilots per country. For Malaysian, only 4 pilots for legally registered clubs and associations with ROS or Sports Commissioner and MSAF are allowed.

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Website of PGAWC Indonesia

Website of PGAWC Indonesia is available now. You may go to www.pgawcindonesia.com, for detail information of the competition.

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PGAWC in Vrsac

Dear Paragliding friends,

After a very succesfull competition in Stubaital (Austria), paragliding pilots will move to a Serbian leg of PGAWC in Vrsac, near Belgrade.

All the details about the 3. World Cup competition of a season you can find on:

We sincerely hope, you can join us at a this weekend`s competition (25.-27th March).


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20th Stubai Cup & Paragliding Accuracy World Cup 2011

StubaiCup2011For the 20th Stubai Cup in 2011, right in time for the start of the season, the Parafly Club Stubai invites to Stubai Valley from the 18th to 20th of March.
In Flypark Stubai are the launch sites at the Elfer in Neustift with the fast lift and at Kreuzjoch - our mountain for thermal flying – at Schlick 2000 in Fulpmes available. Our new, large event landing place is located right at the flight school Parafly and the Alps Paragliding Center.
The open-air fair, to which all manufacturers are invited, takes place right at the landing site in Neustift. The exhibitors will present their company in their tents with their latest paragliders and harnesses. Additional they show clothing, variometers, and everything else, what makes the pilot's heart beat faster. The test gliders are available to all visitors. At the start of the season the exhibitors will have special Stubai paragliding testival offers.
Prices Valued 5,000 €
All pilots on site who are registered for the Stubai-Fun-Cup take automatically part in the draw on Sunday at 3 p.m. First price is a paraglider category A/B at the winners own selection from one of the attending manufacturers. Others prizes are a week Dunes Camp, a week flying vacation at Monte Carlo, a 2-years check, helmet, harness, flyers gloves, overall, and many other prices.
After the successful Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in October 2010 the first round of the PARAGLIDING ACCURACY WORLD CUP with additional prizes valued 1,000 € is planned for the 20th Stubai Cup.
The Stubai Cup was founded in 1988 by Hans-Peter Eller, the unforgotten Parafly-founder, along with the head of the Tourism Association Fulpmes. The Cup was always held with great success since 1988. In 2008 as many glider pilots as never before visited the Stubai Valley. More than 25 exhibitors displayed their products. In 2010, the microclimate presented itself from the best light and rewarded the participants who had come with good flying conditions until late in the afternoon.
As with previous events again a broad spectacular program is planned. In the evening program a video shows by renowned personalities in the paragliding scene is provided.
Among our sponsors so far are the Parafly Club Stubai, the tourism association Stubai, the Stubai Alps paragliding center and Austrialpin
The Parafly Club Stubai cordially invites everybody to come to Flypark Stubai. We look forward to numerous visitors, a lot of fun and proven aviation weather.

Here is also entry form . You can print it at home and bring with you on competition!


 18.03.2011/ 09:00 : Training - test gliders
 / 12:00 : Open air exhibition, fly show , test gliders
 / 20:00 : Video wall, briefing
 19.03.2011/ 09:00 : Paragliding Accurcy world cup, Fun cup
 / 10:00 : Open air exhibition, fly show, test gliders
 / 20:00 : Video wall, VIP pilots
 20.03.2011/ 09:00 : Paragliding Accurcy world cup, Fun cup
 / 10:00 : Open air exhibition, fly show, test gliders
 / 15:00 : Final ceremony

Parafly -Club
i.A. Monika Eller
Moos 18, A-6167 Neustift
Tel. +43 664 44 5 32 33

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PGAWC season starting

At the end of this week, we start with a new PGAWC season.

Rules are the same, at least the ones concerning pilots.

We are also very happy that for a final ranking after a last competition, we are able to promise you a rich money fund and a lot of other prizes, with top seven pilots, getting about 3.400Eur and some practical paragliding equipment for as much pilots on the ranking, as possible.

As by the rules, 2/3 of best rounds counts for a final ranking.


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Trakai, Galves Lake

Here is our invitation and competion site adress with event details, regulations,  registration and contact's: http://www.orosvente.lt/cms/index.php?page=about

If you have any qustion's about competition by phone, you can call by Arvydas Osinskas +37068216466, he's Director of operations and will give you all information about competitions.

Registrations on pgawc.org site will starting 1st of January 2011 here .

Best Regards, and Happy New Year!


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Last 2010 paragliding Accuracy World Cup

pgawc woman winnersWith fantastic weather the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup took place from 01.10. to 03.10.2010 in Neustift in the Stubai valley.

The fourth and final location of the FAI competition was at the Elfer Mountain. The previous competitions were held in Indonesia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

The Parafly Club Stubai under the direction of Monika Eller hosted this competition now the second time.

Participants from 14 countries had to hit the coin-sized point in 5 passes as closely as possible. Among the 52 participants there were even teams from Japan and Indonesia. The Austrian participant, Franz Loidhold, held up well.

The jury, consisting of 7 delegates stood ready at the point with measuring tape to measure the exact distance to the aiming point.

The event won pilot from Macedonia Martin Jovanoski (1st place), Rafael Kerin from Slovenia (2nd place) and Tageshige Yamaya from Japan (3rd place).

On the womens side the winner was Tomaskova Marketa (Czech Republik ), second place Marinkovic Milica (Serbia) and third place took Sirin Milawati (indonesia).

The team competition was won by the team Yagababa. The athletes of the winning team came from Slovenia, Serbia and Indonesia.

Moderators of the Event were Roli Volderauer, Monika Eller. DJ Wolfram was reponsible for the musical entertainment.

The organizers are happy about an accident-free and successful event and thank all volunteers who ensured a smooth process.

This event was possible due to our many sponsors. A special thank goes to our main sponsors AustriAlpin, the Tourist Board Stubai, the Alps Paragliding Centre, the companies Airwave and Skywalk and the flight school Parafly.

Everybody is looking forward to the 20. Stubai Cup from the March 18th to March 20th 2011.

Images from this event can be found on http://sinisatrputec.jalbum.net

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PGAWC Neustift - Stubaital

This year from 1. - 3. October,  Stubaital the second time getting the chance to provide to host pgawc competition and is the final venue of this year's World Cup.

Of course on this contest can also participate pilots that do not  have much experience in such competitions and still want to test their skills .
For winning world title you must participated in all four events, but you can win € 1,000 .- and many other prizes, if you participate with the best on finale in the Stubai Valley.

The paragliding club Parafly will also hang different manufacturers and sponsors the ability to present itself at the landing with their products. About this addition, the Stubai Valley is known for great air shows and plenty of après-Fly, which must not be missing this event.

Registration is open HERE

Parafly Club Stubai
Moos 18, A-6167 Neustift/Stubaital
Fax: +43-5226-3371
E-Mail: flugschule@parafly.at
web: www.parafly-stubai.at

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BIH – Bjelasnica

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup “Sarajevo Open Air” which will be held on Babin Dol on Bjelasnica mountain on August 20, 21 and 22, 2010, in organization of “Extremesport Club” and “National Aero Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Although by FAI, the number of participants is restricted to 120, we wish to inform all pilots who do not enter the projected... quota and all other interested parties, that during the competition, recreational flights will be enabled with convenient fee of EUR 10.

For this occasion, the organizers have provided accommodation for competitors at the symbolic price of EUR 12.50 in the Youth Hostel Feri on mountain Igman, which is only 5 minutes drive away from the place of competition at Bjelasnica. More about this hostel you may find on the website www.feri.ba .

For information on accommodation and booking of rooms in Feri, please contact Benjamin Begović by e-mail: benjamin.begovic@ferijalni.org or on phone no. +387 61 509 234.

Website for this competition is on this address: hextremesport.ba

Registration for the competition can be sent on our  website here: www.pgawc.org 

Prize for the winners of the competition is 1.000 EUR
1. place 500 EUR
2. place 300 EUR
3. place 200 EUR

pgawc bih

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New pgawc competition is coming soon, 6.-8. August in Trakoscan - Croatia.

Organiser has inform us that number of pilots on this competition is limited. So you have to hurry with your registration.

All information and local regulations you can read on this link http://www.let.hr/

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