We would like to inform you that beside Uga Jondzic (Technical delegate on all WC Competitions) and Matjaz Feraric (as coordinator of WC PGAL), you are equivalent members of TEAM PGAWC, which is based in Slovenia and which has also it`s own bank account (www.pgawc.org).

As agreed, entry fee is 50 EUR for all competitions and competitors transfer it to mentioned bank account of PGAWC at least one week before competition starts. In that case, organizers will know for sure a number of competitors. 2/3 of entry fee will be transfered to organizor before competition starts and 1/3 goes to costs of WC (please, check guidelines ). All this will be transparently presented at the end of competition season.
Since we are looking also for a general WC PGAWC sponsor, we would like to ask you to check your possibilities in this area, as well. In case you have any options please, let us know.

A competition in Kuala Lumpur is comming and it also means a beginning of competition season PGAWC 2009. We would like to ask all organizers to try to do their best to be as close as possible to guidelines in order to help improving a level of WC competitions also in a future.

In case you have any question please, contact Uga Jondzic (uga@grunf.org) or Matjaz Feraric(matjaz.feraric@guest.arnes.si).