This document is prepared as a guideline and rules for running PGAWC season in 2020. Coordinator of PGAWC for 2020 season is Team PGAWC.

1. Overall aim:
The aim of running PGAWC is to enhance friendship and sports spirit, to spread accuracy landing discipline and to sort out the best pilot in accuracy landing in world cup series.

2. Entering criteria for organizers:
– potential competition organizers for next calendar year have to send an offer – proposal at latest till 1st November on e-mail .
– organizer, who apply for the first time, have to organize at least one FAI cat 2 competition with at least 20 competitors.
– A coordinator communicate among organizers and prepare a list of organizers and timings for next year tour. Selection of organizers is based on following factors:
i. Already Successfully organized PGAWC and FAI 2 competition or a bigger accuracy competition with International participation,
ii. First time organizer of PGAWC
iii. Applied already for last year tour or earlier,
iv. Spreading and promotions of discipline also to new locations or countries,
v. To show the seriousness of an offer by paying entry fee on PGAWC account an amount of 1000 Euro.
vi. To explain possibilities regarding accommodations, transport, what else can offer to competitors, how an organizer will take care about a general promotion of competition, promotion of discipline and media coverage of the whole event.

3. Organizer obligations:
– After a confirmation of selection from PGAWC, organizer of WC competition has to register a competition to FAI till 15th of January that this competitions appear on FAI comp. calendar at the very beginning of next year.
– Competition have to follow FAI rules,
– One practice day and at least two competition days have to be foreseen for a competition,
– pilot`s registration have to be proceed via internet on or organizer internet site,
– only pilots with valid FAI sporting license can attend PGAWC competition,
– organizer have to ensure price money minimum in a sum of 1.000 Eur and trophies for individuals, female pilots and teams
– pilot entry fee for one competition is 60 EUR,

– organizer provides lunch and competition transportation for pilots, some souvenirs(T- shirt,cap…) and expenses for technical delegate and one foreigner competition judge,
– organizer have to provide competition results and photo material(high resolution made by professional photographer) to technical delegate for internet site.

4. Competition:
– Number of rounds: maximum six (6) rounds per competition.
– Validation: minimum one round have to be completed to validate a competition.
– Competition has to be judged by team of skilled judges who are led by international judge,
– PGAWC Technical delegate helps competition director that competition runs smoothly and take care that one hour after final round, results are published on internet,

Teams of pilots, who announce their participation to PGAWC before start of a competition season, will have privilege status. This status can be achieved also before start of other competitions in PGAWC season and teams which will announce their participation will have a more privilege space.
This means:
– on a web site teams can publish team name and team logo,
– in a subtitle teams can prepare a short description of team, list of a team members and their sponsor,
– at each competition site, teams have a right to place their advertisement material.
In order to achieve this status, teams have to announce this latest 7 days before competition.

6. PGAWC scoring and prizes:
– Individual competition: if there is five or more valid rounds, the worst individual score is dropped,
– Team competition, team consists of four pilots or more but only four of them compete at one team competition. Pilots can not change the team during the season.
– Team scoring: three (3) best team members scores from each round counts toward team result for that round, there is no score dropping after 5th round in team scoring.
– Final PGAWC tour ranking for individual and for team ranking: best 2/3 round results from whole PGAWC tour in one season counts toward final ranking for that season.

7. Competitor`s obligations:
– Competitor must have a valid FAI sporting license and third party insurance,
– Competitor has to apply for competition at or Organizer internet site and fulfill entry form,
– With this form competitor confirms participation at the competition. In case for some reason competitor would not been able to attend, he/she has to remove registration, latest 7 days before competition, or will be sanctioned by 15€ penalty.

8. PGAWC coordination fond:
Is financed from a part of entry fee, is coordinated by PGAWC coordinator and is spent for:
i. Support PGAWC team travel costs to the competition sites at all PGAWC rounds in the season
ii. prizes for final winners of PGAWC, delivered at final competition
iii. equipment for measuring field
iv. maintenance of PGAWC internet site,

Prepared by: PGAWC organizing team September 2017

Bank account details:

Bank name: Nova KBM
Bank address: Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, 2000 MARIBOR, SLOVENIA
KLUB SPORTA – PGAWC TEAM: Preski vrh 22, 2390 Ravne na Koroskem, SLOVENIA
IBAN – SI 56 0400 1004 8615710


Prepared: November 2009
Update :June 2019
Prepared by: PGAWC organization team