January 2023

Read it carefully

Dear all ,

We must again , like many times before , remind you of the basic rules for the Paragliding Accuracy world cup. Only PGAWC is responsible for selection pilots who are applied for competition on our website.  Pilots must wait for message  “Waiting for payment” on their names before do any payment . After we or organizer receive payment you will get message “CONFIRMED”  on our web site and only then you can buy airplane ticket, book accommodation, prepared  for traveling and so on.  We will not wait you for payment to long in case if maximum pilots overbooked.  Maximum one month before competition start. After that  if we not receive your payment , you will go on the last position on the list with message “Waiting list” and wait maybe for next available place when we inform you by email for immediately payment if you want to come.

Some of you didn’t respected our intention to make good procedure to be convenient  for all pilots and because of that blame us and organizer for it. That kind of pilots accept rules on their way like they want.   So please don’t wait to check weather forecast, cheap airplane ticket, get free time and after dead line of payment argue if we refuse your participation. Dead line is for all without excuse.

Thanks for most of you who respect our rules and do everything on time. Please inform pilots who do not know English well about this basic rules and due to lack of  information ,  make mistakes.

Wish you good PGAWC season and nice weather.


Selection for Thailand is done

Dear Pilots ,

Registration for PGAWC Thailand is closed according to the rules. Selection already done and as you see to the first 80 pilots offered to do payment. Dead line for payment is 16th of January. If selected pilot do not do the payment he will be deleted from the list and his place will be changed with next pilot from waiting list. So please if you plan to compete on Thailand do the payment on time. DO NOT do the payment if you are on the waiting list and  not get email to do payment . No excuse if you don’t respect this information.


Hello to everybody,

As you see registration for all PGAWC event is opened. You can register  for all events if you want ,  but it is very important to respect selection process which will be publish only on our website in case of reaching maximum pilots per event is overbook two month before competition start. One month before competition start all pilots who are not confirmed will be in waiting list and selection will be FIRST PAY FIRST SERVE till to maximum pilots per event reaching

 Selection Process for PGAWC Events

  1. In every PGAWC selective competition, pilots will get Event Rank depending on their WPRS ranking on date of applied and PGAWC ranking from previous seasons by the formula

Event Rank =(WPRS position + PGAWC position) / 2


  1. If the pilot not have WPRS ranking(not competed before) he will get 1000 rank..
  2. If the pilot not competed before in PGAWC he will get rank from last pilots in previous seasons.
  3. Two months before each event, pilots are ranked by their Event Rank in the selection list.
  4. Only registered pilots who were selected and  who confirmed their participation by paying  will  be accepted, even if fewer than the nominal number of pilots fulfils this
  5. When new places become available due to cancellations of selected pilots, the first pilots in the waiting list are
  6. In case of a tie, the precedence is given to the pilots who have not participated in PGAWC In case of a second tie, the precedence is given to the younger pilot.
  7. The selection process can be followed on the PGAWC Web site



So please do not pay entry fee before you can see Waiting for payment on your name.


After confirmation you can buy your travel ticket and reserve accommodation. We will be not responsible to accept you if you pay before selection.


Please inform your friends who not follow our website or not speak English about this because later will be not pilots excuse

December 2022

PGAWC SUPER FINALS in Saudi Arabia and schedule for 2023

Dear pilots,

We received email from Saudi Arabia like and pilots who are selected for Super Finals , in which they apologized for not possible to organized competition in January due to logistic preparation. We though in first view that competition is canceled.  After talking with them we realized that problem is with new approval from authorities which they must have for organizing international sport events after Qatar’s security problem with football Championship. They applied for new approval and waiting for it but don’t know how it takes time till now , and in case of positive answered we will publish new date for Super Final. So we beg you for more patient and hope everything will be done with successful.

In the same time we fixed all date for PGAWC season for 2023 and here are final schedule.

  1. 16-19.02  Thailand
  2. 27-30.04 Turkey
  3. 15-18.06 Kazakhstan
  4. 27-30.07 Indonesia
  5. 28-30.09 Germany

In the beginning of 2023 we will open all competition for registration and prepare new PGAWC rules.

Wish you all the best for Christmas and New Year 2023  .


November 2022

CALENDAR for 2023

Dear Folks,

Finally we made calendar for PGAWC 2023  year. All organizer confirm that they will organize competition two years more consequent if normally circumstances in the world situation permit that. All events will be on same place with similar date. We hope it will be more easy for you and organizers to find sponsors , to planed and find free time and organize your self better. We also expect Saudi Arabia to confirm Super Final in middle of January after we see how it will look like for 2022. We will also change some rules regarding number of rounds and pilots qualification. But about that in the beginning of 2023. Follow our news on this website and be always in flow of happenings.

Wish you successful season and good health.


Qualified pilots for Super Final in Saudi Arabia

Hello ,

According to rule for Super Final for the 2022 in Saudi Arabia here is list of qualified pilots:

1. Dragan Popov SRB
2. Goran Djurkovic SRB
3. Matjaz Sluga SLO
4. Matjaz Feraric SLO
5. Umut Akcil TUR
6. Cemal direkci TUR
7. Marketa Tomaskova CZE
8. Vlastimil Kricnar CZE
9. Fanol Shala KOS
10. Eduard Daci KOS
11. Valery Tzvetanov BUL
12. Yasen Neychev BUL
13. Nawaf Al-Rehaili KSA
14. Lennard Schubert GER
15. Andreas Schubert GER
16. Pascal Piazzalunga FRA
17. Sefu Mihai-Dan ROU
18. Almas Akhmetov KAZ
19. Jihun Yoo KOR
20. Borjan Jovanoski MKD

About five wild card organizer will decided later. Please all pilots confirm your taking part to organizer on e-mail

or cancel if you are not in possibilities to come and give chance to next pilot from list. Your contact with organizer must be fast because organizer will enter in procedure to provide visas for all participants on time. As we know that not all pilots from list don’t know enough English please spread this information as much as you can. Local Regulation for this competition will be publish on organizer website at least one month before competition start.


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