May 2024

Selection for PGAWC Indonesia is done

Dear Pilots ,

As you see selection for PGAWC In Lombok , Indonesia is done. Competition will be soon publish on CIVL calendar. Local regulation is here

LR for Lombok

for  those who want to read it. Please start with payment on time because we expect big interested for that competition specially from Asia.

Not too much time for confirmation for PGAWC in Kazakhstan (for those who don’t know you must present your airplane ticket for confirmation). Do not use last minutes and lost position which you have on confirmation list.

Wish you good weather during competitions.



April 2024

PGAWC in Turkey is closed

Dear Pilots ,

We already have maximum 80 confirmed pilots for PGAWC in Alanya and competition is closed. Please do not make payment more because there is not free places. Who was not respect time for payment will be not accepted in spite of publish before in status “Waiting for payment”. Please respect our rules seriously because we will be not responsible for your reservation of airplane ticket and other expenses. Who want to form team please do it on time sending to us name of team and name of pilots in team and pay entry fee of 400 euros on our account.

We wish you good weather in Alanya.


February 2024

PGAWC Thailand finished

Dear Pilots ,
As you see , first PGAWC event for 2024 in Thailand is finished. You can see results on our website pages. As we wrote in our competition rules for 2024 everything was implemented like and knockout system and teams registration. We will more pay attention for teams this year because for Superfinals teams will be in advantage for selection. So please who want for sure to be in China , make serious team because for 3 best teams after last event in Germany everything will be free including airplane ticket. For the rest pilots will be like last year. Register teams on time for Turkey sending email with team members and team leader on Our partners (BGD, Davinci and Pappilon) can form teams too without entry free but they must send to us official e-mail to confirmed it. Entry fee for teams is 400 euro per season and must be paid before competition started on our account. We ask from you to read carefully competition rules and avoid misunderstanding later and say that you don’t know for changes.
We wish you good weather and successful season 2024.

January 2024

New competition rules for 2024

Dear Pilots ,
New competition rules for 2024 were already published. Please read it carefully specially for team requirements. Please make deal with team members seriously because later will be not possible to change team members during years. Will be possible to add new pilots who have not been in team before but must choose 4 members before competition start like before. Rest of the team pilots will be like individual if they are selected. Priority is national teams but NAC must send to list of the team pilots. Entry fee for teams will be 400 euro for whole year paid on our account before competition started with name of pilots. Maximum number of teams is 15.If there is more of 15 teams apply , there will be selection of teams according sum of pilots ranking points. Rest of 20 places will be reserved for individual pilots according to priority.
Wish you good weather and successful season 2024.

December 2023

PGAWC competition for Thailand is open

Dear Pilots
Thailand PGAWC event is open to have enough time for registration and selection. Other competitions will be open from beginning of the 2024. In the same time we will publish new competition rules for next season like and rules for Superfinals. Please read our rules to avoid misunderstanding during registration and selection for PGAWC event. If some not clear please contact us on email to solve problem. We will force teams ranking this year more seriously , specially teams with sponsors names to promote our paragliding community.
Wish you good weather and successful season.

November 2023

PGAWC Schedule for 2024

Dear Pilots
Here are proposal schedule for 2024.
Thailand. 15-18 February
Turkey 25-28 April
Kazakhstan 13-16 jun
Indonesia 18-22 July
Germany 12-15 September
China 17-20 October
Registration for all competition will be open before 2024 to have enough time for first event in Thailand. Competition rules for 2024 will be published after New Year. Please read it carefully and avoid misunderstandings specially for Team registration and Superfinals.
Wish you good luck and good weather for new competition season.

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