September 2023

SUPERFINALS 2023 in China

Dear Pilots ,

We have great honor to inform you about PGAWC Superfinals 2003 in China from 8-13. November in Shengjing Mountain , Jingmen City , Hubei Province. Selection will be according to final ranking list for 2023 after last competition in Germany. Local regulation will be publish on our website soon. Please read LR carefully and prepare your self for fair and successful competing if you want to be part of this Superfinals. Also who didn’t have proper PGAWC Id card will not can compete in PGAWC. Temporary ID card will be not valid. So order your proper ID before Germany,  sending your photo and PGAWC Registration form on

Local Regulation SUPERFINALS 2023 China

 Wish you good weather and successful competitions.


Final round in Germany

Dear pilots who are on the selection list “Waiting for payment” you have only few days to pay entry fee for German PGAWC. After that you will be remove from the list and your place will be offer to next pilots from waiting list. As you see lot of pilots are waiting to be selected and confirmed. After final round we will selected pilots for Super finals which will be this year for sure. We do final deal with one country and proposed date will be in November after Wold Championship in Bulgaria. So please take it for serious and do your best if you want to be selected for Super finals. Detail will be publish very soon when we make final deal.

we wish you good weather and best results.



August 2023

Last PGAWC competition 2023

It will soon be September and the last PGAWC competition. This year, the only real European one. It will also be a real test for the best pilots before the World Championship.

One week before, there is also the German national championship, so it’s a really good chance for training.
We will do a mixed doubles competition again (1woman+1man). This is a new discipline in the future, which differs from the individual category, where 1 worst result is deducted, and the team category, where the worst result is deducted in each round, in that all the results of the registered pair count.

There will also be an award for the final results of this season.

Final event for PGAWC in Germany

Dear Pilots ,

Selection for PGAWC Germany is done. Please who is on “Waiting payment” can pay entry fee only till 5th of September. After that who not pay will be substitute with next from waiting list. Who already know that will not come ,please cancel your participation and make place for another pilots. Who is not in status “Waiting payment” please do not pay because you risk to lost money and not be accepted in competition. Prepare your PGAWC ID card and if you don’t  have it , order it because temporary card will not working more. Local Regulation is already prepared and you can find it on organizer website

We will use Knockout system if we rich more then 5 rounds.

As it is final event  be present on closing ceremony during rewarding ceremony if you are winner in any kind of ranking.

Wish you good luck and good weather.


June 2023


Dear Pilots ,
Selection for PGAWC Indonesia is done. All pilots who are on “Waiting for payment” have opportunity to pay till 5th of July. After that If not 80 pilots “Confirmed” we will offer to pilots from “Waiting list” to fill places till 80 according to priority. Do not pay if you are not on “Waiting for payment” because you will lose money for bank transfer. This is first time that we will use Knockout system for PGAWC event so please read Local Regulation and inform your self about that.
We wish you good weather and successful competition.

May 2023

Competition for Kazakhstan

Dear Pilots,
Competition for Kazakhstan is closed due to more than 80 pilots is already confirmed. List will be changed only in case if some of confirmed pilots canceled their participation.

Who will not come from confirmed pilots please inform us on to grant place for pilots from waiting list. Confirmed pilots please check if you still have your PGAWC Id card. Without it you will be not possible to take part. Last news from organizer is payment will be during final registration due to problem with account.

Wish you nice weather and successful competition.

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