January 2022

Small changes in Schedule for 2022

Dear Pilots ,

Due to some clashes in mean competitions in FAI calendar for Accuracy we change date for competition in England one week before. So the date is from 21st – 24 of April. We are apologize for this but hope it will be for pilots benefit. Sorry ones again and hope this will not make to much changes in your schedule.




December 2021

Schedule for season 2022

Dear Pilots ,
As you know our bidding process is finished till the end of November 2021. We considered all received bids and made decision for season 2022. Here below is our decision and schedule.

1. 29.04-02.05 England
2. 13.-15. 05. Germany
3. 16-19. 06 Kazakhstan
4. 23-25. 09 Slovenia
5. 19-22.10 Turkey

We are now waiting for responds of organizers will they accept this dates and stay behind their bids and accept our obligations to organize PGAWC events. They must apply for FAI Cat.2 categories to be published as fast as possible in the FAI calendar for 2022. We wish you good season hopefully without problems with COVID 19 and after two years successful competition with all events.


November 2021

BIdding is still open

Dear organizers ,

Our bidding for 2022. season is still open. Please if you want to be part of PGAWC 2022 , send bid to our official e-mail address , till the end of November.After that we will make schedule for whole year 2022. Read our NOTES&GUIDELINES for more details for organizing PGAWC events.Whish you succes in bidding process and see you next year in much better conditions regarding COVID 19

Good luck , and be healty


October 2021

Last PGAWC event in 2021 CANCELLED

Dear Pilots ,

Unfortunately we must inform you that last PGAWC event in Sopot ,Bulgaria is CANCELLED due to COVID 19. Organizer from Bulgaria send to us letter , with sadness, to cancel event because Major of Sopot forbid any competition due to very bad situation in town , till the end of year.So this year was not successful for our sport and hope next year will be much better. Till now we don’t have any official bid for next year but we will negotiate with some organizers to continue competition in 2022.About schedule you will be informed till the end of year.

Hope you will understand this and our aim to organize as much as possible events in this situation of infection..

Wish you good health and blue sky next year.


September 2021

Competition in Bulgaria posponed one week

Dear Pilots ,

Competition in Sopot ,Bulgaria will be posponed one week due to problem with COVID. NOw date is from 04-07 November.Please take it in consideration and change your plans in that way.We will observe situation and inform you in advance if some changes will be again.



July 2021

PGAWC INDONESIA 2021 Cancelled

Dear Folks , Due to very bad situation with COVID 19 , competition in Indonesia is cancelled. We will obseve situation and will see if it posible to find new organizer in Asia in same tame ,last part of September. Safe fly and take care. PGAWC Team

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