November 2022

CALENDAR for 2023

Dear Folks,

Finally we made calendar for PGAWC 2023  year. All organizer confirm that they will organize competition two years more consequent if normally circumstances in the world situation permit that. All events will be on same place with similar date. We hope it will be more easy for you and organizers to find sponsors , to planed and find free time and organize your self better. We also expect Saudi Arabia to confirm Super Final in middle of January after we see how it will look like for 2022. We will also change some rules regarding number of rounds and pilots qualification. But about that in the beginning of 2023. Follow our news on this website and be always in flow of happenings.

Wish you successful season and good health.


Qualified pilots for Super Final in Saudi Arabia

Hello ,

According to rule for Super Final for the 2022 in Saudi Arabia here is list of qualified pilots:

1. Dragan Popov SRB
2. Goran Djurkovic SRB
3. Matjaz Sluga SLO
4. Matjaz Feraric SLO
5. Umut Akcil TUR
6. Cemal direkci TUR
7. Marketa Tomaskova CZE
8. Vlastimil Kricnar CZE
9. Fanol Shala KOS
10. Eduard Daci KOS
11. Valery Tzvetanov BUL
12. Yasen Neychev BUL
13. Nawaf Al-Rehaili KSA
14. Lennard Schubert GER
15. Andreas Schubert GER
16. Pascal Piazzalunga FRA
17. Sefu Mihai-Dan ROU
18. Almas Akhmetov KAZ
19. Jihun Yoo KOR
20. Borjan Jovanoski MKD

About five wild card organizer will decided later. Please all pilots confirm your taking part to organizer on e-mail

or cancel if you are not in possibilities to come and give chance to next pilot from list. Your contact with organizer must be fast because organizer will enter in procedure to provide visas for all participants on time. As we know that not all pilots from list don’t know enough English please spread this information as much as you can. Local Regulation for this competition will be publish on organizer website at least one month before competition start.


October 2022

Last round in Alanya Turkey

Dear Pilots

As you know only 10 days before last competition in Turkey. Please who don’t have PGAWC ID card  with QR code order it on time sending Registration form and personal photo to  Registration will be possible only by QR code.  If you don’t have PGAWC ID card you risk to not can participate and lost time and money coming to Turkey. We wish you nice weather and success on last PGAWC event for this year.


September 2022

Dear Pilots ,

Competition in Slovenia is very near . Please register on time because next week registration will be close.Also prepare your PGAWC ID card with QR code because without QR code it will be not possible to participate. Who not have PGAWC ID card please order it on our webmail sending your registration form and personal photo. Wish you good weather and successful results.


April 2022

PGAWC in England

Dear Pilots ,

All of you who want to compete in PGAWC must be register on our website too , not only on AIRTRIBUNE. You must have PGAWC ID card to show it on registration and filled PGAWC registration form. Registration form you can down load it HERE

Wish you good weather


February 2022


Dear Pilots ,

According to PGAWC rules for registration for events , we must inform you that only pilots who register on our official web site will be in ranking system for final rank at the end of year. We noticed that some organizers do their own registration by them self which is not in our rules. Please read our rules for this year on the page

Competition rules

where is everything described clear. We are not against organizers registration but in case where they have their own registration page and you already applied there , you must apply and follow our page too if you want to be in PGAWC data base and ranking system . Please spread this information and inform rest of pilots to avoid this problem successfully.

We wish you good weather and luck in this PGAWC year


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