First pgawc world cup in Batu Indonesia is finished. There was 82 competitors from 14 countries on this event. It was very interesting competition, because we got winner barely in sixth round. There was also a lot of fans watching competition.

Before the final round the diference betwen leaders was only 5 cm, but they both afford only 1 cm mistake in final round and the first winner this year become Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia (8 cm), second was Quiang Sheng Guang from China (13 cm) and third Franca Sead from Montenegro ( 45 cm). After third place there was 3 pilots from Indonesia with the same result. (75 cm).

In women competition was the best Milica Bicanin from Serbia, before Kurniawati Ifa from Indonesia and third Ye Lei from China.

The winning team was Yagababa from Slovenia before Garuda from Indonesia and third Kanja from Slovenia.

You can also find all results here >>>

The competition organisation was on realy high level and they set up a new standard for organisers. We congratulate all the pilots and also organisers!

The next World cup event will be in August in Trakoscan Croatia.