The fourth PGAWC competition of a season was held in Indonesia, about 100km South East from a capitol Jakarta. Puncak is a special flying place, since take off and landing are both placed in the middle of tea plantation.

Like always, opening ceremony in Indonesia was something really special and organizer continued entertaining a crowd almost every evening.

A little less luck, they had with a strong tail wind at the take off, for a first competition day. This is also a reason why organizer has decided to take us to Cililin, which is about 80 km further to the East. That was a good move and in the morning term, very skilled organizer managed to complete two competition rounds, before a rain shower. Pilots were very pleased also with a transportation to the take off site, which was provided by local boys on motorcycles.

The second competition day started back in Puncak. First with a zero and later with a nice head wind at the take off. Other three rounds were completed very fast and without any complications and the worst score was dropped.

Since local Indonesian pilots proved their strong position on a home terrain, still some of European pilots infiltrated to top 15 and in the last competition round, Feraric Matjaz from Slovenia climbed to the very top and won with a minimum advantage of 1cm, followed by Rajasa Darumaka and Nisbah Dede, both Indonesia.

In female competition, Bonaria Cherry from Indonesia was too strong for the rest of the girls, including second place Rosnalia Dian from Indonesia and third place Phuchong Nunnapat from Thailand.

More details about results you can check on: and some pictures from Senica Slavko, Didit Majalolo and Rafael Kerin in the gallery.

Compliments to organizers also on all logistics, excellent organized and accomplished competition and for all interesting activities which fullfilled this competition, not to mention a closing ceremony which was really on a World Cup level.

More pictures in fotagallery here .

PGAWC organizing team