As already announced on our site, 25th June was reserved for Skywalk Night Fever. This is the first time that demonstration of accuracy landing was a part of this traditional event and it happened, due to a good sponsorship relations with Skywalk paragliders. The whole event was held in Andelsbuch, the very Western part of Austria and was perfectly organized and hosted by Flugzentrum Bregenzerwald and Skywalk, of course.

Despite the fact that accuracy landing was not so well known in this area, we managed to encourage 20 pilots (including one female pilot) to participate in accuracy landing competition, which took part right before main Night Fever event.

Pilots used a liberty to take off on their own and to stay in the air max. 2 hours and to land latest till 13.30hours. This time was more than sufficient to complete a whole round. Because of wind and thermal activities, landing was not so easy and all the pilots had to pay more attention to their approach. The best at this were Pascal Purin and Dragan Popov, sharing the first place with 9cms, followed by Lukas Ratz on the third position. Top 10 pilots were awarded with very useful &nice prices, contributed by Skywalk.

The following main Night Fever event was fully booked but due to a stronger side wind, organizer after some time spent on the mountain, took a clever decision to cancel the flying and we used ski lift again, this time in opposite direction. Not an easy choice but the best under the circumstances.
At the camp, a party and a price giving ceremony was already prepared and waiting for us.

At the end, we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. Christa Vogel and Flugzentrum Bregenzerwald team and Skywalk team, who did a really great job organizing all this and took a great care of all participants. Not to mentione showing us new projects, offering us to test their paragliders and what is the most important, preparing enjoyable and safe flying and a party in the evening.

We all can really looking forwards to next year`s event.

You can see images on our gallery here .