Despite the fact that it was the first PGA competition in Germany it was very clear from the beginning: when Papillon organizes a competition, even weather can not go wrong. Everything, from transportation, registration, media coverage, the whole competition and final ceremony with a party was on a high level.

Both candidates for a title: Matjaz and Goran started well but competition six rounds seemed to be easily completed. After some rounds, Czech pilot Vaclavik and Gorenc from Slovenia were still without any mistake while a group of pilots waited for a worst score to be dropped, after the fifth round. Since the wind strenght dropped a little bit, scores were tighter and tighter but at the end we whitnessed results in the same manner: Gorenc Jaka won with 10cm, followed by Matjaz Feraric, 11cm and Radek Vaclavik with 12 cm.
Not far behind were British pilot Simmons, Bulgarian pilot Tzolov and Indonesian representative Danang. German pilots prepared a real surprise to all of us, specially Andreas Schubert, who would be very high in the ranking but he did one mistake too much. In female competition Hungarian Zsuzanna Toth won, while Indonesian Sirin Milawati and Barbora Smutna from Czech Republic, got to be pleased with a second and a third position.In team competition, we have seen a classic battle of three teams and this time, the most successfull were: Best 4 nike, Yagababa and Garuda.
For the final ranking after all six competitions, Slovenian pilot Matja? Feraric has collected only 38 cms in 26 competition rounds. Second place won Slovenian Rafael Kerin with 64cms and the third Serbian Goran Djurkovic with 69 cm. Goran and Rafael have changed their position at the last competition.
For females, Sirin Milawati was on the highest position, accompanied by Dian Rosnalia and Lis Andriani. All three of them from Indonesia.In team competition the same teams, only a little bit mixed: Yagababa was the best for a second time in a row, second position for Garuda and third Best 4 Nike. A more detailed final 2011 season report and all updated informations for pgawc site, will be prepared in a week. In the meantime, you can enjoy in a gallery of pictures on pgawc web page: from Ms. Vesna Simmons and Ms. Anemari Kerin. Much more of them, you can also find on: . Some pictures you can also find on our site in photo gallery. Pictures are also on our site now in our Image Gallery.