Dear PGAWC pilots and friends,

This year it took us much more time to prepare a competition schedule for PGAWC season 2012 and this is also the reason for publishing it a little bit latter. Sorry.

What we can say is, we are glad that a higher number of competition organizers has applied and for this year we tried even harder to join two competitions: one weekend after another in order to make it easier for pilots, regarding travel planning.

Here is a competition schedule:
09-11.March Indonesia
15-19.March Malaysia
05.-06.May Monte Negro
08.-13.May Albania
01.-02.September China
28.-30.September Germany
And superfinals
06.-07.October Austria

Some small changes still can happen but in next couple of weeks we will prepare more detaied information about organizers, competition sites, accommodation & transportation informations and of course, a possibility to register for a competition.