We ask all pilots who have applied on competiotion in Malaysia and Indonesia that is nesessary to register also on this PGAWC site . This is necessary for easy data proccesing.
A competitior who will not fill registration on that site it will not be in official results scoring for this two competitions!Kind regards, PGAWC teamFAQ:How can I register for competition?
After you registered on www.pgawc.org web page here, you have to login first. Then proceed to this link, where you have to enter all informations required. Fields with red star are obligatory for registration, without them you can’t register for any competition. When you fill in the fields press “Save your data” button. Below the button the text “Data was successfully saved!” will be displayed.
If you successfully saved your data, go to competitions link. All the competitions for current year are listed here. If you want to register for any of them, just click on register link and column “Registered” will get a green check. All registered pilots you can see on selection list.