Dear Paragliding Accuracy pilots,

We have already spread the word of this event to many pilots but in case anybody has missed it, here it is again:
Please, take a look and when somebody is interested, check for a registration, asap.Dates: 7th to 11th August 2012
Venue: Air Force base (airfield), Cali, Colombia
Competition structure: FAI Cat 2 Open: Maximum 36 pilots (no selection criteria this year).
Requirements: Winch launch – pilots must have a tow endorsement on their licence
Training: Some limited training available on 6th August. Book early!
Entry Fee: USD100 (to be confirmed)
Prize Money: 1st place – USD1000; 2nd place – USD700; 3rd place – USD 350The World Games has an even broader scope than the World Air Games. Only 3 airsports have been selected for the 2013 event: Paragliding Accuracy, Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Model Aircraft (demos only). This should be a highly prestigious event next year, with much publicity planned.Due to the late confirmation of details of the Test Event this year, there will be no selection criteria. It is an Open event, but limited to 36 competitors. Registration is now open online at:
I have attached a brief summary of information, which I will post on the CIVL website, and I will update as necessary. Local Regulations will be published as soon as possible.It would be great to have a good representation of international pilots attending the Test Event. If you are interested to compete, please let me know as soon as possible, so that we can get an idea of numbers. Unfortunately, competitors will have to cover their own travel and accommodation costs this year. The entry fee covers in-country transport, lunches & refreshments, receptions & prize giving, t-shirt and winch launches for training, practice and competition flights. For travel to Colombia, European pilots might consider looking at flights that go direct from Madrid or Barcelona – a number of airlines take this route, avoiding the US!I will be attending as CIVL Liaison Officer (Steward). Andy Cowley (UK) will be attending as Chief Judge, Technical Advisor, and he will also be running a Judging Seminar.I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Louise Joselyn