Exhibition competition called Super FInals was ment for the best accuracy pilots to compete ammong each other on a different way, like they were used to. From top 10 pilots, only one did not appear and since a total of 27 pilots came, additional qualifications were not needed.
All pilots completed the first two rounds but than only top 16 went to take off place for the third one. A couple of very experienced pilots did not manage to qualify for that round and ammong them, there were 3rd and 4th from a total season`s ranking.
Next round was a dissaster also for actual World and European Champions but for the fourth round, 9 pilots were lucky (two pilots with the same score on eight position). Unlucky pilot was behind for 1 cm only. Ammong them were also Team 5 Manager Mr. Radko Gabric and the only female pilot left: Liz Adriani from Indonesia.
For the fifth round, only top four pilots started: Matjaz Sluga, Matjaz Feraric, Elisa Manueke and German pilot Gerd Rosenau. Matjaz Feraric won even with not great result from the last round, followed by Matjaz Sluga, who climbed from fourth to the second place. The third position bellonged to Elisa Manueke who confirmed his position ammong the best World accuracy pilots.At the end, this Super Finals have shown a different way of competition and thank to competition sponsor Team 5 and their great prizes, it was an interesting event.At the prize giving ceremony, beside Super Finals, prizes were also given to females, individuals and teams after the final season ranking.Results are here –>>
Image gallery here –>>