Dear Pilots , One year more is behind us regarding PGAWC. This year we had more than 170 pilots and 38 teams competing in four events. Two in Asia and two in Europa was very well organized despite of not good weather conditions. We finished 20 rounds and final got winners. Last event was in Turkey and unfortunately we done only two rounds but it was really very good organized competition and thanks to Abdullah and his team for that. Winners are : 1. Ma Qiang from China 2. Darumaka Rajasa from Indonesia and Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia For female 1. Andriana Lis from Indonesia 2. Chantika Chaisanuk from Thailand 3. Surattang Chueykaew from Thailand For teams 1. Best four Nike 2. Rajawali 3. BGD team Hope to see you in next season with more pilots and event. So potential candidates for PGAWC and Pre-PGAWC event for 2015 , send bids to our new e-mail address till 1st of November and we will consider and make final decision as soon as possible. PGAWC Team