Dear Pilots , We have great honor to announce PGAWC SUPERFINAL 2016. It will be on beautifully flying site in Fuyang China from 27th to 30th October 2016. All four PGAWC events this year will be qualification for 8 male and 2 female , best PGAWC ranking pilots from Asia and 8 male and 2 female best PGAWC ranking pilots from Europa will compete with 8 male and 2 female best pilots from China. Totally 30 pilots will show their skill in max 8 rounds in three days for big rewards (around 5000 euro). All expenses (airplane ticket , accommodation ,food , transport) will be covered by organizer except visas and travel cost to the pilots local international airport. After last event in Taiwan we will announce list of qualified pilots and collect information of pilots departure international airport and send it to organizer. After that pilots will get official invitation letter for visas and airplane ticket. Be aware , this year only 1/3 worst from all PGAWC rounds will be discard in PGAWC ranking . We wish you luck and successful 2016 PGAWC year. PGAWC Team.