Dear Pilots , Sorry for late report of the last PGAWC event 2016 due to technical problems of this site but it is not reason to express great pleasure about successful Superfinal in China. Bad weather from beginning not allowed official training day and first competition day but in Sunday weather give us opportunity to finish 8 rounds without any complain , protest or injured pilots. 30 pilots from five different nations competed for final winners. First was Goran Djurkovic from Serbia , second Aris Afriansyah from Indonesia and third Haiping Chen from China. In female ranking First was Nunnapat Phuchong from Thailand , second Tamara Kostic from Serbia and third Nofrica Yanti from Indonesia. Due to tied scores Goran and Aris had additional round and Goran took first places. Most of landings were on the pad so judges didn’t have hard job. Thanks for everyone who made this competition awesome specially for organizer from China. See you next year on new PGAWC events. Nice video you can see on this link VIDEO PGAWC Team.