First event in Tatlisu presented us with one of the best organization untill now. Unfortunately, strong wind give the chance for 88 pilots from 18 countries to show their skills in one round only. As Friday started with strong wind, we spend the parawaiting time with profesional touristic giudes at some historical places. Saturday had strog wind again, this time with rain but we managed to do one round before sunset.Better weather forecast was for the last day but was wrong and second round started very late, so we couldn’t finish. The winner is Byung Chang Jeun (Sky paragliders Cima) from South Korea, the second place was taken by Jaka Gorenc (777 d-light) from Slovenia and third place was taken by Slobodan Maletic (Skywalk Mescal 4) from Serbia. In the women’s category, the famus pilot from Indonesia, Rika Wijayanti (Skywalk Mescal 4), took the first place; second and third place were taken by pilots from Czech Republic, Marketa Tomaskova (BGD Adam) and Veronika Culkova (BGD Adam). First three places in Team category: BGD Team, 777 Team and No name team. How it was by eyes from profesional reporter you can see on link below.