Hello to everybody,

As you see registration for all PGAWC event is opened. You can register  for all events if you want ,  but it is very important to respect selection process which will be publish only on our website in case of reaching maximum pilots per event is overbook two month before competition start. One month before competition start all pilots who are not confirmed will be in waiting list and selection will be FIRST PAY FIRST SERVE till to maximum pilots per event reaching

 Selection Process for PGAWC Events

  1. In every PGAWC selective competition, pilots will get Event Rank depending on their WPRS ranking on date of applied and PGAWC ranking from previous seasons by the formula

Event Rank =(WPRS position + PGAWC position) / 2


  1. If the pilot not have WPRS ranking(not competed before) he will get 1000 rank..
  2. If the pilot not competed before in PGAWC he will get rank from last pilots in previous seasons.
  3. Two months before each event, pilots are ranked by their Event Rank in the selection list.
  4. Only registered pilots who were selected and  who confirmed their participation by paying  will  be accepted, even if fewer than the nominal number of pilots fulfils this
  5. When new places become available due to cancellations of selected pilots, the first pilots in the waiting list are
  6. In case of a tie, the precedence is given to the pilots who have not participated in PGAWC In case of a second tie, the precedence is given to the younger pilot.
  7. The selection process can be followed on the PGAWC Web site



So please do not pay entry fee before you can see Waiting for payment on your name.


After confirmation you can buy your travel ticket and reserve accommodation. We will be not responsible to accept you if you pay before selection.


Please inform your friends who not follow our website or not speak English about this because later will be not pilots excuse