Dear all ,

We must again , like many times before , remind you of the basic rules for the Paragliding Accuracy world cup. Only PGAWC is responsible for selection pilots who are applied for competition on our website.  Pilots must wait for message  “Waiting for payment” on their names before do any payment . After we or organizer receive payment you will get message “CONFIRMED”  on our web site and only then you can buy airplane ticket, book accommodation, prepared  for traveling and so on.  We will not wait you for payment to long in case if maximum pilots overbooked.  Maximum one month before competition start. After that  if we not receive your payment , you will go on the last position on the list with message “Waiting list” and wait maybe for next available place when we inform you by email for immediately payment if you want to come.

Some of you didn’t respected our intention to make good procedure to be convenient  for all pilots and because of that blame us and organizer for it. That kind of pilots accept rules on their way like they want.   So please don’t wait to check weather forecast, cheap airplane ticket, get free time and after dead line of payment argue if we refuse your participation. Dead line is for all without excuse.

Thanks for most of you who respect our rules and do everything on time. Please inform pilots who do not know English well about this basic rules and due to lack of  information ,  make mistakes.

Wish you good PGAWC season and nice weather.