Dear pilots ,

This is last remind for you which status is “Waiting for payment” to pay as fast as possible if you want to take part in Alanya. After 29th of March you will be removed from list and your place will be changed with next pilots from waiting list. Only pilots who paid on time  will be CONFIRMED and possible to take part. The pilots who already paid but not selected can ask for refund money in junction with Local Regulation.

As you know from this year registration for teams will be charge once for whole year on this way:

1. Team  name  Cocacola Team , Serbian Team ,….    40 euro

2. Team name with paraglider producer in the name : Skywalk team, Indonesia Gin Team…   80 euro

3. Team name with National in the name : Germany National team, India National Team ….     80 euro ( for this we need confirmation of NAC for pilots name in teams which we must receive on email)

4. Teams who has confirmation of our sponsors to represent them will be for free.

Like till now not possible to change team during season.

Wish you good luck.